Oprah's Golden Globe Awards Speech

Oprah Winfrey Receives Cecil B. de Mille Award at the 2018 Golden Globes

The Fall of Steve Bannon or How The Swamp Bites Back!

1-14-2017 We Were (And Are) Kings

Gucci Mane wants to sign the 'Gucci Gang' rapper Lil Pump to 1017. He tells him 'NAME YOUR PRICE'

Charlamagne Tha God Confronts Stephen A. Over Colin Kaepernick | First Take | April 24, 2017

Ray Lewis Explains Why He Knelt During The National Anthem On Sunday, Saying He Was Praying

Jemele Hill Tweets "Straight Black Men Are The White People of Black People"

Missouri Senator Says, "I Hope Trump Is Assassinated"

Celebs React To Donald Trump Calling Haiti, El Salvador & Africans Countries 'SH*THOLES'

Trump calls Haiti and African nations 'sh**hole'

Mother of H&M model in 'racist' Monkey hoodie tells people to "Get Over It"

Tariq Nasheed on the Truth Behind the H&M "Monkey Ad"

Herpi The Woke Walrus Gives A Tour of His School

Introducing Herpi The Woke Walrus

Tariq Nasheed Talks About Fake Fence Sitters

Dr. Umar Johnson on The Rock Newman Show

Dr. UmarJohnson view on gays on the Rock Newman show

The History of Haiti (Part 2) on The Rock Newman Show

The History of Haiti on The Rock Newman Show (Part 1)

Tariq Nasheed on The Rock Newman Show

Dr. Claud Anderson on The Rock Newman Show

Dr. Claud Anderson Says Arabs Should Be The First Ones To Pay Reparations Owed To Black Folks

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - Get Our Check

Martin Luther King Jr.: "My dream has turned into a nightmare"

Charlamagne Roasts Tyrese, Nicki Minaj, DJ Envy & More In The 2017 Donkey Of The Year Countdown

H&M 'Racist' Hoody...What The Streets Think...

MILO Decides Whether H&M is Racist

G-Eazy On Stepping Away From H&M, Being A Crazy Gemini, Halsey & More

Celebs React To H&M Black Kid Monkey Hoodie Ad [Steve Urkel, Joe Moses, T.I, The Weeknd]

Black people, Umar Johnson, H&M and More

H&M Backlash


H&M Using Black Child in "Monkey" Ad 😱😱

Controversial H&M ad shows African American kid wearing 'Monkey' sweater

This Kid Is Making H&M Go Bankrupt!!!

H&M apologizes for using black child to sell ''Monkey'' hoodie

Terry Mango/Mother of H&M race row child model speaks out

LeBron James SLAMS H&M for Racist 'Monkey' Hoodie Ad with Black Kid

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